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News: October 2020

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3/2/2022 12:00:00 AM  Norwich Recreation 

October report
Our soccer, mountain biking, and trail running sessions all ended on October 30th.  Each was very well-attended and COVID-19 protocols (that included each team requiring a COVID parent volunteer) were followed very well.  We have opted to extend 3 of our youth soccer programs, and one adult program until the weather prevents us from running outdoor sessions.  

We have requested an assessment of the Tracy Hall Gym for indoor programming, and have submitted a proposal to the SAU for indoor winter programs.  However, out of an abundance of concern for the safety of our families, we have not begun planning any indoor sessions. 

Halloween looked very different in some respects, and very much the same in others.  Norwich Recreation did not host our large gathering with the Norwich Inn.  Instead, we (with our Youth Advisory Council), ran a highly organized trail walk with many of our town organizations.  Groups of 10 were allowed to sign up online, sign waivers and receive time slots for their arrival to our event.  When they arrived, they signed an attestation, had their hands sanitized and received a ‘goody bag’ of hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves and a Halloween- themed 3-layer surgical mask.  They then travelled a path through the Milton Frye Nature Area, visiting representatives from the Marion Cross School, the Lions Club, the Norwich Public Library, the Energy Committee, King Arthur Baking, the Norwich Women’s Club and the Norwich Fire Dept & Support Team.  Over 3 hours, we served 227 Norwich residents, giving ample distance between groups (some said too much, but we decided to follow the guidance of our NFD Support Team and keep 10 minutes between them).   Overall, this was an extremely positive event.  We had support from all of the above mentioned groups, as well as from Kildeer Farm, who donated 52 pumpkins to the attendees.  These pumpkins were offered to any resident who wanted one, and then donated to Hogwash Farm.  Our volunteers included 8 members of the RMS 7th grade, new families (the Sandors, Della Croces and the Hamners) and long-time families (the Gollubs, Hayes-Warrens, the Thaler-Wellborns and the Sainz’), as well as 12 new and current members of Youth Advisory Council.

We were awarded $15,030 in an Operational Relief Program grant award, for the loss of revenue our town experienced when Norwich Recreation could not rent our soccer fields, and host an after school program, due to COVID-19 precautions.